When Natural Beauty Counts

Pamela Anderson once said, "Natural beauty takes two hours in front of a mirror," and while I know I chuckled at the sort-of truth to that statement, I also know that natural beauty at any age comes from more than just cosmetics. Natural beauty comes from the inside -- from the soul -- and is only enhanced by the products we use. 

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Seriously -- think about the meanest person you know -- do you still find them attractive? Probably not -- because kindness is one of the worlds most effective beauty care regimens.


Kindness is one of the most effective beauty care regimens.


So that bears the question: How can we be happier on the inside so that we're more beautiful on the outside? Here are five tips to help you glow with the kind of natural beauty that comes from deep inside your soul.


5 Tips To Natural Beauty

1. Practice Self Care

I don't know about you, but nothing makes me happier than a spa day. After a stint in physical therapy due to a deep spasm in my upper back that froze my shoulder, I started getting massages regularly. But I love to recreate the spa experience in my own bathroom. On Sunday evening, the husband and kids know I'll disappear for an hour and they are not to disturb.

An important part of my self care ritual are products that smell delicious and do their job. My favorites are Bamboo Renew body scrub and Forty Cure Creme by LimeLight by Alcone. The Bamboo Renew has a fresh, clean scent and an earthy feel I love; walnut shell powder and bamboo polish my skin while the essential oils invigorate my senses.

After, I slather on Forty Cure Creme to deeply hydrate my dry skin (especially on my kickboxing feet!).  This product smells delicious (think lavender and sweet orange) and gets its name from the Tahitians, who refer to the Tamanu seed tree as the “Forty-Cure Tree” because of the broad variety of skin ailments the seed oil can help heal, including Eczema and Rosacea.


2. Do something nice for someone.

I know this might sound really simple, but it's a fact that when you focus your attention on helping someone else, you stop worrying about your own stuff for a hot second. The diverted focus will elevate your happiness level, and it doesn't even take a lot of work. A kind word, an email of gratitude, or even just an errand run can make all the difference in the world -- to your friend, AND to you. 


3. Get your hands dirty.

Go play in the dirt! Plant beautiful flowers, aromatic herbs, and luscious vegetable plants. If you don't have a garden of your own to play in, find a community garden -- many use their bounty to feed the homeless, so that's a double score! Getting back to nature this way, and connecting with the earth is a fabulous way to ground yourself and create a peaceful bliss. 


4. Connect with a friend.

Studies show that when people spend 6-7 hours with friends or family, they're happier. Be sure to pencil in time to hang out with people you adore to keep those happy hormones elevated. 


5. Put on a little lipstick.

 Enduring Lip Color by Lottie in Ash

Enduring Lip Color by Lottie in Ash

Everyone knows what a bad hair day feels like, and why. When we feel like we look good, we feel good. Don't have time to get to the salon? A great lip color and a little mascara can give you the same feeling -- even if you're just doing the laundry. My favorite these days is this Enduring Lip Color from Lottie in Ash -- it's soft, subtle, but just enough of a pop of color to make a difference.