Make Extra Money: Why This Business Coach Joined LimeLight

I can't think of a single person who doesn't want to make extra money. Some of us just need a little; some of us need a lot. Still more of us need to replace an entire income. There's a simple answer to these problems, and yet many people will overlook it because of preconceived notions and bad information. 

And isn't that a really bad reason to miss out on the chance to make extra money? 

 Direct Sellers make their own hours, and can determine how much they want to make each month. 

Direct Sellers make their own hours, and can determine how much they want to make each month. 

Yes, I'm talking about Direct Sales. I consider myself an expert in the industry, after spending many years in the field and then stepping out for a few to coach other Direct Sellers. In this post, I want to tell you why I jumped back into the field to make extra money -- and why I'm the last person who ever thought I would.

How much experience, now? 

There's no way I'm going to tell you my age, but let's just say that I'm still shocked whenever I realize I'm old enough to have twenty-five years of experience doing anything. But the fact is, I do -- twenty-five years of business experience in sales and marketing, including 10 in the Direct Sales Industry. 

After I did my penance in corporate America, I left to have my babies but quickly figured out I needed more than Elmo and teething biscuits (sorry Elmo). I found my way into Direct Sales, and quickly realized it offered the best of both worlds: I got to be my own boss and make my own hours, but I also had the marketing power of a major national brand to back me. In other words: resources galore.

When I became a coach, I made a private decision to never get back into Direct Sales. Don't get me wrong -- I loved the industry. But I was burnt out and just wanted to help people get better at their lives. Still, with my experience in network marketing, I inadvertently found a niche -- and I started working with Direct Sellers from all different sorts of companies, from nutrition to wraps to skin care. 

 Look for the rainmakers in your comp plan -- the bonuses that produce the most income possible. 

Look for the rainmakers in your comp plan -- the bonuses that produce the most income possible. 

One of the first things I always teach a client is to look for the rainmakers in their comp plans -- the bonuses that bring you the most income -- and work toward that. As a result, I've studied a massive amount of comp plans, companies, product lines, and marketing plans. Then, I started coaching a leader in LimeLight by Alcone. I coached her for six months when I finally realized that I had stumbled upon the perfect opportunity to make more money than ever before. 

The company had the 2 things that make for a perfect opportunity: A product so hot they can barely keep it on the shelves, and an opportunity with a low saturation point that pays well. Within each, there are sub-categories that I want to show you that helped me made my decision. 



Okay, let's face it: there's a lot of junk out in the marketplace, and the networking marketing industry isn't immune. Right off the top of my head, I can think of a plethora of products that simply don't do what they say they're going to do. That's why it's super important to make sure you're repping a quality product. Here's what convinced me about LimeLight: 

1. Established in the marketplace.

When exploring an opportunity in Direct Sales, I like to look for companies that are established in their field already. For example, I want a nutrition company that's already been providing supplements to the medical industry for years before they join the network marketing realm. That way, I know they're making a product that's proven to be effective and high-quality. LimeLight by Alcone fits this bill: they're not a direct selling brand that decided to go into beauty. They're a beauty company that decided to go into direct sales. There's a difference that's noticeable when a company has been providing quality products to industry professionals for 65 years. 

2. Professional grade products that sell fast.

Speaking of professionals -- LimeLight's parent company, Alcone, has been the name to trust in theatrical make up and among Hollywood beauty professionals for 65 years, and when they entered direct selling, that professional quality (and the reputation that goes with it) followed them. That's a solid foundation to build a business on, and elevates the company and the product over the stereotypical "makeup lady" stigma that some direct sellers have. Plus, the products are hot -- the fly off the shelve, making for an easy sale. 

3. Natural skin care.

Natural is the new black, and this is more than just a buzz word -- it's important for skin care that both works and is good for you. It takes less than a minute for the chemicals in your skin care to enter your blood stream. YUCK! I knew I couldn't rep another line that wasn't natural, and LimeLight was exactly what I was looking for. 


1. Low market saturation.

Throw a stone, and you'll hit someone selling something in Direct Sales. You know the drill -- your Facebook feed is filled with product placement and before and afters, and the bumper stickers in the grocery store parking lot tells you that at least 3 reps of cremes or nutrition products or kitchen spices abound. Not so with LimeLight. I love the fact that almost every time I tell someone about the company, they either say, "Oh, I'm not familiar with them," if they are not a professional make up artist, or "Alcone has a brand in Direct Sales??" if they are. And when they are, they instantly recognize the opportunity as a way to grow their bottom line and supplement their income as a beauty professional. 

2. A compensation plan that pays.

A good comp plan has lots of rainmakers, is flexible, and allows you to work for and hit goals regularly. LimeLight has a comp plan that supports growth and offers healthy incentives to grow my team and sell product -- just like a good comp plan should. 

3. The tipping point.

This is related to the market saturation point, but it's easy to see that LimeLight is at a tipping point. Sign up now, and you have an amazing opportunity to make a lot of money. New team members are pouring into the company so fast that they recently had to halt enrollment for more than two weeks -- all those people may as well be on your team. 

Those are all the reasons I, as an expert in the industry, decided to throw my hat into the LimeLight ring. I am actively seeking new sales reps who are ready to make a serious change in their lifestyle -- whether you're a stay at home mom who wants to make an extra $500, a beauty professional looking to add to your bottom line, or a corporate warrior looking for a new gig. Interested? Set up a free, 15 minute chat with me and I'll answer all your questions. Just click the button below.