Yes, You CAN Learn to Apply Eyeshadow

I've known women who are terrified of eyeshadow. Seriously. They cower at the thought of putting brush to powder, then brush to eye lid. The truth is, it's easy to apply eye shadow when you understand the basics of how color works when you put it on your face. 


It's easy to apply eye shadow when you understand the basics of how color works when you put it on your face. 


5 Basic Knowledge Necessary To Apply Eyeshadow 

1. Light colors pull forward. 

Lighter colors will raise or pull your features forward. To lift your brow and appear younger and more wide awake, place a light color just under the arch of your brow (NOT the entire brow -- just from the arch to the outer edge of your brow). Also, place light colors on your eyelid, especially in the inner most corner of the eye. This will help brighten your look. 

2. Dark colors push back.

In contrast, place dark colors in any area you want to push back or hollow out. This technique will create depth and drama to a look. This is especially important for photography -- if you're getting a head shot taken or it's your big wedding day, you want to make sure that you're putting some darker color in the crease (and just above) of your eye to create that beautiful expression and avoid a one-dimensional look in your pics. This can also make your eyes look bigger (but avoid putting very dark colors on your lids if you have small eyes. This will only make them look smaller!).

3. Use high quality, pigment-rich product.

The higher the quality of your product, the less you'll use -- and who doesn't love to save money by using less product? Not only will you get more bang for your buck with less product, but your makeup will stay on longer, look fresher, and just generally be easier to work with. High quality products make a difference -- that's why LimeLight eyeshadow is the choice of beauty professionals everywhere. 

4. Primed to make a difference.

A good, professional grade primer can make all the difference in how smoothly your makeup goes on, including when you apply eyeshadow. It also affects how long your look will last -- a good primer beneath your look and a professional finishing spray on top of it seals the deal for the day. 

5. For the love of all that is good an holy, please don't do this: 

Okay, I know that this isn't technically a "how to apply eyeshadow" kind of tip, but I see it too often not to comment. Please. PLEASE! Do NOT line only the bottom of your eye and leave the top lid naked or only shadowed. This will create a droopy, tired look, and will make you appear far older than your age. 


A high-quality product will make all the difference! And a bonus tip -- you want to use the right tools for the job. Please throw away your little sponge-tipped applicators and get yourself some good brushes

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