Wear Your Power On Your Lips: Red Lip Love

If you know anything about me, you know I'm all about Girl Power. I love my Wonder Woman tee shirt, powerful women who kick ass, and women who are confident and bold. I am thoroughly convinced that women can change the world -- WILL change the world -- when we work together. My husband, my son, and my daughter all know -- I will do anything in my power to elevate another woman because when one woman rises, everyone around her rises, too. 

All around the world, women are being forced to step up and out of their comfort zone just to have the right to education, to work, sometimes just to drive. We are passed over, objectified, and minimized, silenced and patronized. But nothing -- and I mean nothing -- is more powerful than when a group of us decide to put our powerful minds to something. Then -- magic happens. 

I've seen women come together to work to end poverty, hunger,  and genocide. These women are making a global difference. But I've also seen groups of women quietly show up at the repast for a friend's husband; I've watched them stand behind tables and serve fried chicken they'd cooked up that morning, potato salad and beans, all the while keeping an eye on their friend, making sure her water glass was full. I've seen these women leave a kitchen sparkling clean afterwards, so you'd never know an event had just taken place. 

We're freaking amazing. 

Sometimes we do big things, sometimes we do small things. Sometimes we do secret things -- quiet things that subvert empires when no one is watching. And when that happens, our smiles are both faint and bold at the same time, secretive and telling of our power for its quiet. 

Nothing makes me feel more powerful than wearing a bright red lip. Whether I'm naked of make up but for the scarlet I've swiped across my mouth, or fully done up with a glamorous haute pout, a good red lipstick can put me in the mood for bold adventure, amazing fun, and sometimes, when needed, a little ass-kicking. 

That's why I'm wearing my power on my lips every Friday from now on. 

Whether it's a tee-shirt and jeans kind of day, or night-out-on-town with my man, Friday is going to be my Red Lip Love day. That's what I love about red -- it goes great with a nude face and a simple uplifted eye, and it's gorgeous when you go full out. It'll be my small, quiet little act of subversion. 

Will you wear your power on your lips with me? I'd love it if you would, take a pic, and post to Instagram. Tag me in the post (and give a follow while you're at it!) with #RedLipLove. Then, hop on over to the Red Lip Love VIP Beauty Lounge on Facebook, where we'll talk all things natural beauty, powerful women, and fun. 

Haven't found the perfect red for you yet? I got you covered. 

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