Surprise, Surprise: When The Scale Doesn't Do What You Expect

I'll cut myself a break and tell you that this week was a little hard. Lots of client work AND school work happened, and the week was cut short by a trip out to see my parents (more on that in a sec). Add to the busyness of the week the fact that our cupboards were bare -- butt-naked kind of bare. The kind of bare our cupboards, gratefully, rarely are. I don't know what happened, but we were out of everything -- even eggs! EGGS! (I'll give you a moment to panic in solidarity). It got so bad that at one point I scooped some peanut butter out of the jar and called it a meal. 

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One Year of Commitment

This isn't just any new year. This year, something feels different. It's a mind shift that I didn't see coming; it's a totally new slate. I'm ready to get healthy, lose weight, and live my life to the fullest in every sense of the word. 

And listen -- this ain't my first ride around this rodeo (or something like that). I've been here before, many times. Correction: I've thought I've been here many times, only to discover I wasn't really where I needed to be. My head was playing all sorts of games.

But I have been here a few times: The first time I lost a bunch of weight and kept it off for many years (story forthcoming). The day I quit smoking. The day I discovered I HAD to work for myself or I'd always feel as if my soul was being sucked out of my left nostril. 

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Mom Fail #537: Halloween, 2017

There are days when I am great at being a mom. I’m great at letting my kids be who they are, for example. I’m great at sticking up for them when they need someone to have their back. I’m sort of okay with remembering to feed them dinner every night (I thank God for both my husband and boxed mac and cheese). And usually, I’m really good about the therapy-inducing kind of stuff — the stuff that might leave them emotionally scarred for decades because of something I did or didn’t do that caused them utter humiliation.

I really try to be on top of those things.

But this year was a little different. This year, I failed Halloween.


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My Dreams Scare The Crap Out Of Me (That's Why I Do Them)

Whenever I'm scared, I know God's involved. 

I know, I know. There's the whole "God does not give us a spirit of fear" thing. And I believe that. But that's not the kind of fear I'm talking about here. Because I think a certain kind of fear -- the fear that we can't do something on our own -- is exactly the kind of fear God wants us to have, because it helps us lean on the Holy Spirit more. 

I'm talking about B-HAGs -- Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goals. The kind where, the first time God floats it in front of your brain, you're all, "Hell, no, I'm not doing that! That's insane!"

And then you go, "But that would be really cool...."

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Are You Ready For Coaching?

Coaching is an active process, which means that if you want to get results, it's up to you to do the bulk of the work. Your coach is just your guide -- consider her your own personal Yoda, if you will -- who is there to point out the road signs that can lead you to your goal. Coaching is also an investment -- of time, money and energy -- so before you make that investment, it's important to make sure you're actually ready. 

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5 Things To Look At When Hiring A Coach

Throw a stone these days, and you'll hit a coach. Or at least, you'll hit someone calling themselves a coach. 

I understand the tendency -- for years before I was certified, I often felt like I already was a coach, what with all the advice I doled out to my friends and co-workers. But when I finally got my butt into a coaching certification program, I realized that coaching, like so many other things I didn't know about until I did, is a very specific skill.

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How Dreams Actually Come True

I had no idea I was sitting next to a dream maker.  After all, he looked just like any other father watching their kid at a sports practice. 

We'd gotten friendly while sitting through our kid's martial arts classes and, once, while his wife and I clung to each other while our kids competed in their first jiu jitsu tournament. We'd never gotten around to finding out how we each made our living, until one day we did. 

He is in publishing. I am a writer. 


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