My Dreams Scare The Crap Out Of Me (That's Why I Do Them)

Whenever I'm scared, I know God's involved. 

I know, I know. There's the whole "God does not give us a spirit of fear" thing. And I believe that. But that's not the kind of fear I'm talking about here. Because I think a certain kind of fear -- the fear that we can't do something on our own -- is exactly the kind of fear God wants us to have, because it helps us lean on the Holy Spirit more. 

I'm talking about B-HAGs -- Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goals. The kind where, the first time God floats it in front of your brain, you're all, "Hell, no, I'm not doing that! That's insane!"

And then you go, "But that would be really cool...."

I was really scared when I started DoveWriters -- I mean, a place for Christian writers to come together and write? Now, with a few successful rounds of Writer's Suites under our belt, I can see that as usual, God knew what God was doing. There actually is a need out there -- new and established writers are desperate for a safe place to write. 

Now, and OMG I know, this is insane -- but now, I have another idea. 

I have a wonderful, crazy idea. 

Lately, I've had this weird thing happen: I have found a whole bunch of amazing women -- all in different places, in different ways -- who are smart, educated, amazing theologians. I mean, these women know their stuff. 

And even more fascinating is that they know a whole lot about women in the Bible. Hoorah!

And I have this image in my head of getting these incredible women together, on a stage, teaching other women about the women of the Bible. Because I mean, there are some incredible stories in there. 

This will be my biggest thing yet, and I'm terrified. I've done small, one-day workshops. I've done week long online summits. But this would be my first, full-on, two day live event, with lots of actual butts in actual seats and speakers with microphones and maybe even a vendor room, where people could sell stuff. 

I'm terrified because I know I can't do it alone -- I need lots of fancy people who intimidate me to say yes and get involved. I'm terrified because it's such a public way to fail. I'm terrified because it seems so big and huge and would it even be worth it in the end? 

And because I'm terrified, I know I need to do it. 

I was terrified when I started thinking about the first women's retreat I ever put on, and it was a huge success filled with so much learning, for me and for our attendees. 

I was terrified when I started thinking about putting on The Whole Woman Summit, but I got myself the most amazing business partner (Hey, Lisa!) and we did it. 

Now, I'm terrified about this. 

But I'm doing it. Because everything I learned doing those was in preparation for me to do this. Keep your eyes open for more on Her Name, Her Story: Women In The Bible.

So I ask you -- what's the one thing that scares you? What's that thing that God's been floating past your brain and you keep saying, "That's crazy!" Because that thing? You should probably get started on it. It'll probably change your life. 

Want to join me? 

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