Surprise, Surprise: When The Scale Doesn't Do What You Expect

I'll cut myself a break and tell you that this week was a little hard. Lots of client work AND school work happened, and the week was cut short by a trip out to see my parents (more on that in a sec). Add to the busyness of the week the fact that our cupboards were bare -- butt-naked kind of bare. The kind of bare our cupboards, gratefully, rarely are. I don't know what happened, but we were out of everything -- even eggs! EGGS! (I'll give you a moment to panic in solidarity). It got so bad that at one point I scooped some peanut butter out of the jar and called it a meal. 

One of the reasons -- probably the biggest reason -- that I'm so serious about my weight loss this go round is because of my mom. Diabetes runs in my mom's family; on my dads, it's strokes. (Those two things do not mix well, by the way) My mom's brother developed dementia, and his doctors were pretty sure it was very much related to his diabetes. Recently, my mom was diagnosed as well. I'm her primary caretaker; she and my dad, who is 86 and disabled live on a nature preserve in Pennsylvania. I am out there a few times a month to help manage her care, take care of them, and set up the plethora of technological gadgets that come with being old. 

When it comes to health habits, I'm already leap years ahead of my mom. She stopped working out in her early 30s when she blew out her knees. If there was such a thing as Butter Anonymous, I'd sign her up in a heart beat. And worst of all, she still smokes. Of course, she comes from a generation where her doctor told her to smoke cigarettes to relax -- when she was pregnant with me. Still, I'm sure her smoking does nothing to help her brain health. 

I quit smoking a few days after 9/11. I still work out -- although I do need to tell you about how I need to find a new workout since my MMA training is not really cutting it anymore, workout-wise. The only thing left, I think, is to lose this weight in order to keep my brain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. It's hard watching my mom lose herself like this. I don't want my kids to watch it happen to me. 

After the week I had, I did not want to go to my meeting this morning. I was sure I was going to have gained weight and after the stress of the week, a bad number on the scale was the last thing I needed. I could feel myself going over old tracks in my mind, and I was convinced that I was going to remain stuck in weight loss limbo, gaining and losing the same stupid 3 or 4 pounds over and over. 

BUT. I committed to going to meetings for a year, and so I had to go. Imagine my shock when the scale told me I was down 1.4 pounds! HOLY COW! 

I am grateful. 


Last week I bought the new Freestyling Cookbook at my meeting, and I made the balsamic chicken (it was okay -- and even my kids liked it). But my favorite was the chili-cheddar turkey burgers. OMG. They were AMAZING -- and you get all the ooey-gooey goodness for just 6 points, bread included!!!! Yum. I made up a batch of 8 burgers and kept 4 in the fridge for the week, and put 4 in the freezer for another week that's crazy. These puppies were life savers this week!


I leave for L.A. for a week-long intensive class for school next Sunday. I'll miss my meeting and won't be able to weigh in. Not only that, my cohort -- well, we love to eat and drink. Oy. Keep me in your prayers. Send good cosmic booty vibes. And feel free to keep me accountable. 

today's weigh in (1).png