Pick Your Hard

Between the frigid weather and a badly injured hamstring, this week it was a little hard to get my fit points in -- which is quite the bummer for me, because I'm usually really active. I was also nervous -- I had a big loss on the scale last week, and I was wondering if it was real or just a fluke. I told myself I'd be happy even if I'd just stayed the same (but of course we all know -- I didn't really believe myself despite whatever I told myself). Still, I'm happy with today's loss, even though it was just a meager 0.2 pounds. 

Slow progress is still progress. 

I've decided that this is the year I'm cultivating joy -- whatever that means and whatever it takes. Part of what that means is that I'm done throwing myself to my very own pack of proverbial wolves. I'm choosing self-kindness over self-hatred, I'm choosing love over anger, bitterness, and grudge-holding. My seminary studies are helping with this, God is helping with this, and Weight Watchers is helping with this. 


So as you know, I've never considered myself a meeting kind of a girl. I'm an introvert who's strangely more comfortable on a stage than I am having to make small talk. Small talk exhausts me. It drains me emotionally and almost even physically. Still, I committed to going to meetings for a year, and I really do love my meeting. 

I also love my meeting leader. Courtney is funny, inspiring, and she knows the deal. You should check out her Facebook group, if you're not in there already. One of my favorite moments from today's meeting was when we were discussing how -- let's face it -- sometimes making the right choices, tracking everything we eat, and coming to meetings can be hard. But, pointed out Courtney, so can being overweight. So we have to pick our hard. 

That stuck with me. I have a lot of reasons for joining Weight Watchers and for starting over (which I'm sure I'll get into eventually) but one of them was simply the way my stomach and sides rolled all over themselves in uncomfortable ways when I sat down. It was getting hard to tie my shoes. To button my largest pants. I can have that kind of hard, or I can have the kind of hard that's picking the chicken breast over the burger. I'm picking my hard. 

And when I mess up, the hard that I'll pick is to be kind to myself. That's WAY harder than what I usually do. 


 Creamy Italian Pasta with Chicken

Creamy Italian Pasta with Chicken

This week's menu consisted of some 1 point Butternut Squash soup, a delicious turkey sausage enchilada casserole thingy (hit me up for the recipe -- I got it out of an old Weight Watchers book and for copyright reasons can't share it here. I also experimented with this recipe for my Instant Pot. 

I got my Instant Pot over the summer, and I really love the idea of it, but I have yet to find a recipe that I LOVE. My passionate evaluation of this creamy Italian pasta & chicken dish is a resounding: MEH. The recipe only calls for 2 cups of liquid, but it also says to be sure that the liquid covers all the ingredients. The 2 cups didn't even come close, so I was stuck having to decide between pasta that was either undercooked or mushy. 

These are the kinds of decisions that can ruin a person. 

In the end, it took 6 cups of liquid. Surprisingly, the pasta was not as mushy as I expected. But overall, the dish was not worth the 8 points. 

I still love the idea of the Instant Pot, though. In the organized, Martha Stewart kind of life I like to imagine I have, where everything runs like a color-coordinated day planner, I love the idea of tossing some ingredients in a pot and Viola! in 9 minutes I have a meal fit for a king. The thing is that my life is actually a little more like fire trucks screaming down a New York City street, rushing from one emergency to the next. I don't have time for mushy pasta. 

Also, a note on the Instant Pot: cooking times are deceptive. A recipe that calls for 9 minutes of cooking time is not taking into account the steam release OR the pre-cook time, which could take from 10-40 minutes!!!


Yoga With Adriene

My body has been craving a yoga practice for some time, but my brain has been non-committal. But then a Facebook friend turned me onto TRUE: Yoga With Adrienne and I LOVE it. I no novice on the mat, and I know how both amazing yoga can feel and how challenging it can be. But this practice has been so gentle so far and I feel so great after. Plus, it's been great for creating space in my cranky-butt hamstring. 

My Best Self Journal

I got this journal a few months ago and I really enjoy it, because it's a beautiful and soulful mix of inspiration and practical get stuff done. Plus, it helps keep me on track every day for all my goals, both professional (billable! new coaching clients!) and personal (tracking points!). 

My Morning Ritual

Since January 1, I've started my day off with my usual cup of coffee, but also some extra love. I head into my office and turn on my space heater, then set Pandora to a spa-like vibe. I turn on my oil infuser -- I find that a little lavender and eucalyptus oil make me feel like I'm about to head into a massage. I spend a few moment journaling in my Best Self planner and my personal journal before heading into my day. 



I'll be trying out some recipes in the new Freestyle cookbook; I'm heading back to MMA after my hamstring injury, and praise be to God, the temperature is supposed to be above 10 degrees, so I might just go for a walk.