Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Redeeming Eve

Genesis 2:18-25

When God brought forth the entity known as Woman — Eve — the man claimed her immediately. The male perspective, from this beginning of time, was one of ownership. “Finally!” claims the man in 2:23-25. “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh!” (emphasis mine). “Name her Woman, for she was made from Man!” 

Perhaps sometimes we get confused with human action and God action when it’s written in the scripture. Notice it was not God who gave ownership of Eve to the man; it was the man who took ownership of the relationship, and it is only the man’s perspective to which we are privy. 

That is not to cast men as evil or to say that his joy at having a companion was wrong. The man’s joy and happiness is authentic, much like a child at his birthday party excited over his gifts. What’s missing in the story, however, is Eve’s perspective. What did she think of Adam, when they were introduced? Did she, too, take ownership of the relationship and claim Adam as hers? What do we assume through her silence in the text, even unconsciously? The absence of Eve’s voice leaves room for an easy subjugation of her that is more human than divine.

 What do you imagine Eve saying upon meeting Adam? Are your ideas in line with Eve as an assistant, or with Eve as a warrior-guardian?