Thursday, July 13th, 2017 Redeeming Eve

Genesis 3:1-5


We have already seen, earlier this week, that God is reflected in humankind — that we are created godlike. I don’t believe this is a cause for false pride; rather, I believe this is a matter of self-worth. When we believe we are god-like, we sense an awe and wonder in life itself. When we believe others are god-like, we comprehend their worth and their value, even when they disagree with us. Understanding the god-likeness of humanity is a foundational to peace on earth.


The serpent, with its evil purpose, hit straight at the heart of the matter, causing humankind to doubt not just God, but also their own worth. He tells her that God doesn’t want her to eat that fruit because then she will be like God. But she already is like God — and that’s the way God wanted it. From the beginning, a woman’s worth has been subjected to doubt, and that was never God’s doing. It was the devil’s. Adam played right along — after all, he was there the whole time — and he, along with Eve, bit into that juicy lie the serpent told, forever changing the landscape for humanity.


How does a misunderstanding of your own value play into the discord in your life?