Saturday, July 15th, 2017 Redeeming Eve

Genesis 3:20

Once again, Adam names Eve — but here, it is after their collective fall. Once again, Eve is silenced, her perspective forever unknown. Yet she bears both a badge of honor and a huge responsibility: the Mother of all the living.  

It is from her lineage that the Living Water will burst forth to save all of us. In her pain of childbirth, from her womanhood, will eventually come Jesus. Remember: there was no human man involved in the conception of Jesus, according to our scripture. It was the redemption of Eve that brought forth our salvation in the form of our beautiful, beautiful Jesus.  

This is not to elevate womanhood over Jesus. It is simply to re-establish her to her true place in God’s story — not as subjected object of named desire, but of holy creation, awe-struck wonderer, and full participator in the redemption story of God.