Tuesday, July 18th - Promises Kept (Sarah)

Genesis 16


When our prayers are not answered as quickly as we’d like, there’s a temptation to step into God’s role and make things happen ourselves. Of course, sometimes, this is actually necessary. For example, if you need money, a job will help, and you can’t get a job unless you take the action of applying for one. But sometimes, God asks us to be still and know that Spirit is working. Even in that deafening, holy silence, God is working for our good.


It’s important to discern if we are acting out of faith or a lack of faith — there’s a difference. When we act in faith, we act with the belief that God will meet us where our abilities fail. Acting out of a lack of faith means we don’t believe God’s going to show up at all, so we decide we’ll do it ourselves.


What in your life is requiring your patience with God, and how can you rest in the knowledge that God is working for your good today? How can you discern that you are working out of faith, or a lack of faith?