Tuesday, July 25 - Sister, Enough

We’re going to stay on the comparison train for a few moments. As you think about Leah’s narrative, what do you think she felt whenever Rachel got attention for her looks? Do you notice, too, how the narrative pits these two sister against each other from the beginning, because of culture’s pressures?

We actually don’t hear much about the women’s point of view here at all, but as Terry Wilson points out in this week’s essay, the Midrash claims that Rachel wanted it this way. Jacob grabbed Rachel at the well and kissed her — but we actually don’t know what she thought of that at all. Is it possible that the narrative — and the culture that shaped it — is leaving out important aspects of the sister’s relationship? Are we missing part of the story?


Have you ever loved someone you are jealous of, or been jealous of someone you love?