Thursday, July 27th - Sister, Enough

When expectations don’t align with reality, we often blame other people for our own failures, or worse — for circumstances beyond anyone’s control. In the first few verses of Genesis 30, Rachel recognizes that in comparison to Leah, she is losing ground because she has yet to bear children. If she would not compare herself to Leah, who is outpacing her regularly, she might be able to see the incredibly gift of love she has before her. (Perhaps. But it is also possible that, in she did not love Jacob with quite the same enthusiasm with which he loved her.)

It causes strife in the their marriage, all this wanting what they didn’t have. Rachel blames Jacob, and Jacob blames God. And all of this is in response to cultural pressures that told them that only wives who bore children were worthy.

What blessings in your life are you missing because you’re looking at how you don’t match up with culture’s pressures?