Saturday, July 29th - Sister, Enough

In Genesis 30:14-21, we see Rachel go to her sister and ask her to share her madrakes. The text makes this seem adversarial, almost, but I can’t help but wonder if it was. I do think that it took great humility on the part of Rachel to go to this, the sister who had everything she wanted. And it took grace and mercy on the part of Leah to say yes. She could have come from a place of vengeance and said no.


Her yes could also have come from her place of abundance; she was already happy with her station in life as a fertile woman of honor — a distinction Rachel did not have. She didn’t need those mandrakes. But what she did want was Jacob’s affection. Perhaps her generosity was not so much mercy for her sister as it was grasping at an opportunity to be with the man she loved — a man, perhaps, that Rachel was only vaguely interested in.

More likely, it’s a little of both. Like any family, the dynamic here is layered, nuanced, and complex. Where is there nuanced complexity in your own life and relationship, and how can you make room for mercy and grace there?