Monday July 31 - Be An Answer To Prayer

Read Rebekah’s story in Genesis 24, plus other verses.

This week’s devotional will be a little different, in that we’ll jump back and forth between Rebekah’s story and other parts of the Bible to understand how we might become the answer to someone else’s prayers.

Ultimately, when we respond prayerfully, we are responding to Spirit. In a way (and I say this with complete humility) we are answering God’s prayers when we feel moved to heal a hurt, take an action, reach a hand across a table. Please don’t get me wrong — God is sovereign and holy and majestic and we are merely beautiful pieces, reflections of that divine holy spirit. I am not trying to say we are equal to God and therefore God prays to us. I am merely saying that our actions and response to Spirit's calling is holy conversation, a sacred give and take in which we partner with God to do the holy will here on earth.


Genesis 24

In this chapter of Genesis, we see a prayer prayed, and a prayer answered. Rebekah herself was the answer to another person’s prayer. Rebekah was probably just doing what she normally does — her everyday action of hospitality and routine kindness helped the servant in the story recognize her for who she was — a future matriarch.

As we ponder this story today, think about ways in which your regular habits, your way of living your life, might open up an opportunity for you to be an answer to someone’s prayer.