Week of July 9th, 2017 - Redeeming Eve Intro


Let’s start at the beginning, when God created Adam (humans) in their image, both male and female. Let’s begin with this strange idea of one human that encompasses both male and female, reflecting the complete beauty of God incompletely, who both encompasses and transcends gender. And let’s examine that original sin — the separation of humans from the divine, this chasm of otherness, of being pulled apart. For the result of all sin is separation: humans are separated from God, humans are separated from each other, humans are separated from the earth’s bounty. Our separation recognizes our differences. Our differences cause discord. Our discord causes war, which causes death and destruction.


 We wanted to be like God, and we lost God in the process.

 Luckily for us, God offered us a solution by offering us Jesus. Yes — the divine made an offering for the human — and through him — the divine human, we are sanctified. Human kind wanted and took, and the ultimate undoing of taking is giving, offering, sacrifice.

 It is the ultimate subversion.

 Someone yesterday told me that we need to read the Bible standing on our heads, and there is no other way to see it — the divine, in Jesus, made a sacrificial offering to humans. Not so that we can usurp God’s divinity in pride, but that we may enter back into the fullness of a whole relationship with the Holiest of Spirits. And that affinity is void of the sin of human hierarchies — including patriarchy.

 Upon Eve’s shoulder’s has weighed the sin of the world, placed there by the sinful hierarchies that lay atop the altars of our hearts. Institutionalized patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny have been borne upon Eve’s strong, powerful back. As we will learn in this week’s essay, Eve was less an assistant and more of a warrior; less a “helpmeet” and more a guardian. The image of Eve is less a pencil skirt and a steno pad and more some armour, a first aid kit, and maybe a basket of nurturing.

Together, let’s find Eve — and redeem her true nature as what God intended her to be.

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