Sunday, August 13 - Life Abundant

Read John 20:15-24

If you're familiar with scripture then you are probably familiar with the idea that in this part of the text, Jesus is restoring Peter -- he gives Peter the chance to affirm his love three times (to Peter's annoyance!) -- one for each time Peter had earlier denied him during his interrogation. 

What's interesting here, however, is that he doesn't just restore Peter: he gives Peter the chance to affirm his love for Jesus, and in response, Jesus gives Peter responsibility. With love, comes a job -- go, serve. Feed my sheep. 

And he says this after an abundance miracle -- after Peter himself has been fed. Go, in turn, Jesus says, and feed my lambs. 

What responsibility has Jesus blessed you with? Can you get a hint from your Jesus miracles? (You do have them!) What is Jesus calling you into?