I believe that everyone has a purpose — a divine mission, a thing that you were uniquely created to do. Now, for you theology nerds, I’m not talking predestination. I’m talking adventure.

I’m talking about finding that magical intersection of where your soul meets your skills and talents. That place where you finally put to use everything you’ve learned in all the crappy-ass jobs you’ve had, from all the bad bosses, from that pile of mistakes you’ve got hiding over there in the corner. I’m talking about finally doing the thing — that thing that’s been hovering in the corner of your mind, hiding out, waiting for you to give it the attention it deserves.

Who I work with

I work with people who are spiritually inclined, who are ready to transition into a deeper, more meaningful expression of their faith + their life. My clients are often spiritual but not necessarily religious (though they often are) and have a specific project they want to launch. Sometimes, they want help discovering what their life purpose is. I work with:

  • Thought leaders

  • small business owners

  • corporate warriors looking to transition to the freedom of entrepreneurism

  • pastors / faith leaders

I also occasionally work with small groups for group coaching and / or workshops for developing vision / mission statements, increasing team productivity, and developing justice awareness within the organizational ecosystem.