"A spa day for the soul..."


PAUSE: Making Time To Walk With God is a devotional for tired people, and a spa day for the soul. 

Everybody's over. We're overworked, over-tired, over committed, overwhelmed. We're Pinterest-weary and Instagrammed-out. We're all so busy doing God things, being godly, and serving God that we forgot one very important thing: God

This is your invitation to engage the spiritually revitalizing practice of PAUSE. Far from being yet another "get better at something" book, this devotional encourages you to leave the wilderness of your life and reconnect to God. In so doing, you'll discover your true identity as a "garden dweller" -- someone who experiences shalom (the way things were meant to be). 

Spend just a few minutes each day with over 100 scripture-based meditations, and learn how to Pause.

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