Season 1, Episode 7: Dr. David N. Moore

In this episode, Kerry speaks with Reverend Dr. David N. Moore, author of Making America Great Again:Fairy Tale? Horror Story? Dream Come True?  The book, and this conversation, delve into the church's complicity in racist systems, and explore connections with abortion and the NRA -- and how it all connects to Les Miserables. Plus, Aisha and Kerry talk about the Starbucks debacle and more. 

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Season 1: Episode 4: Nadine Smith

In our 4th episode, Kerry speaks with award-winning journalist-turned-activist Nadine Smith about what it really means to be a white ally, confederate statues, and exploring just how close America's racial history really is. Here's a hint: it's as close as living relatives.

Plus, Kerry & Aisha continue their inappropriate banter about multi-tasking with nose rings, working "The Facebook", and more. 

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Season 1, Episode 3: Police Brutality + Racism

In this episode, retired police officer and political candidate Lisa Boeving-Learned talks about the history of racism in policing, how we can help police officers be better, and how to bring humanity back into the dignified work of policing. As a retired officer, Lisa has great compassion for police officers, but she also has insight into how systemic racism infiltrates the profession,

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