Women In Business: Sseko Designs With Chidimma Ozor

This week's opportunity is a little different -- it's not a non-profit, but rather a business. I'm all for supporting small, woman-owned businesses, especially ones that have a mission and higher purpose to serve the world. Chidimma Ozor and Sseko Designs fit the bill. Here's what Chidimma (aka "The Type A Hippie")  has to say: 

Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that I have fallen in love with for two major reasons: (1) the beauty and soul of the mission and (2) the beauty and soul of the products. 

The mission...aka the Sseko story...the gist is that Sseko Designs makes handmade leather handbags, sandals and shoes and jewelry in East Africa (Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya) and the women making the products in Uganda have finished secondary school (high school) and have a 9 month gap before they start University. But due to gender inequality and about 80% unemployment rate in Uganda, many women who have been accepted to University don't start because of lack of financial resources. Sseko Designs is the bridge of hope and the women ho have been accepted to the 9 month internship ork and save at least 50% of their earnings while many save up to 80% of their earnings and then Sseko Designs doubles their savings with matching funds. As a Sseko Fellow and Stylist I do trunk shows and FB parties/IG parties to help the women get additional scholarship money (surprise bonus for them!) nd as a Stylist I can help people with our Design Your Dream Sandal (DYDS) program.

I love that Sseko Designs is all about empowering women both here in the US and there in Uganda!

The mission is amazing and yet, the product is beyond beautiful!

You can reach out to Chidimma at her website, www.thetypeahippie.com, and check out Sseko products at www.ssekodesigns.com