Saving Girl Babies: Rescue Pink

I first met Sherry Naron in Chilliwack, British Columbia, this past February. She is a smiley, warm-hearted soul with a humble nature, and she lights up when she talks about what God is doing with her nonprofit, Rescue Pink.  

Here's some info about the organization, what they do, and how you can get involved. 

There are over 60 million missing girls in India.

They were either aborted before birth, killed once born, died of neglect just because they were girls, trafficked, or given away in child marriage. This abuse stems from a systemic, centuries-old disregard of the value of women. Rescue Pink works to change this through rescue, prevention, and awareness.

Rescue Pink’s vision is to create an India where a girl’s value is respected. We focus our efforts in rural India to rescue girls by planting centers in strategic locations, offering alternative options through our prevention models and by creating awareness. Rescue Pink has a commitment to keeping families together, with an emphasis on changing the mindset.

Our prevention models include counseling services for at-risk girls and women under pressure, after school and life skills programs for girls, medical camps, nutrition to pregnant and lactating women and financial empowerment to moms including support groups and entrepreneurial training.

In just 19 months, Rescue Pink has grown to having 3 centers in 3 states, working with over 100 little girls and their families. We offer Pregnant and Lactating programs to over 50 mothers and their baby girls, and have 87 women with at risk little girls currently in our Entrepreneurship Programs. Our fourth center is will launch this August.

Our goal is to empower the moms of these at-risk little girls in a self-sustainable way, to help them rescue their own girls, keep families together, build courage in the moms to stand on her own two feet and show her value to the family. Then, together with Rescue Pink’s influence, we build confidence and empowerment into the little girls in order to create a sustainable change among the masses in the areas where we work.

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If you would like to donate to Rescue Pink, and help us rescue more girls and empower more mothers, go to Thank you so much!