Hear Kerry teach on how to have a profitable event!


Kerry commands the stage...”
— Kate Schell, Mom Redo & Write Authentically

Kerry is a sought-after speaker who energizes and engages her audiences. Whether in a small, private staff training or from the public stage, Kerry will make your audience feel as if they have found a new friend. She is especially passionate about working with women who are ready to create more passion, joy, and love in their lives by connecting with God.



Kerry can give a keynote speech or she can provide private training to your team. In either setting, audiences will be thrilled with her down to earth approach, her funny warmth, and her Jersey sass. Kerry will tell it like it is, and will leave your audience changed for the better because of it. 

Kerry can deliver a talk based on her book, PAUSE, a training on DISC, Leadership, or Sales, or she can custom build a talk for your needs. 

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