Cold Snaps and Snow Boots

I'm not the biggest fan of winter, for sure. I much prefer my flip flops and sundresses, and I love to be able to hop in the car and go without having to maneuver around what I lovingly refer to as my Ooompa-Loompa coat, which is about the circumference of a small country when not pressed down, but is as warm as it is ugly. 

This frigid cold snap that most of the country is in doesn't help, either! I have a hamstring injury and my usual workouts are impossible right now, and I've missed my daily walks (I like to keep my appendages frostbite free). Not being able to be outside as much (especially when we're getting hit with "bomb cyclones", whatever the heck THOSE are) has definitely got me a little stir crazy. Here's how I'm surviving:


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? One of the ways I've been thoroughly enjoying this arctic blast we're having in New Jersey is to pull out the fuzzy socks and the soft throws and indulge. I light up the fireplace, pour myself a glass of vino, and cuddle up with a good book while the wind rattles the windows. There's nothing like a good, cold storm to make you grateful for what you've got -- even if what you've got is just a cramped house that's maybe a little drafty and maybe a little shabby in places. I'm done seeing what's wrong with it, and I'm embracing the cozy. 


Spring, summer and fall get all the sensory glory. After all, the weathers still gorgeous enough to head outside, and the colors, smells and sights are worth the trip. But winter, for all its frost, has a lot to offer the senses too, if you're willing to indulge them. 

Have you ever noticed how clean winter smells? Or how bright and clear the light is when it's not filtered through the leaves? It might be a time for cocooning, but it's also a time of clarity, for all that light entering the world. I love the crunch of my boots on the snow, and the wind saying hello as it rushes past my windows. And of course, nothing beats winter comfort food! Mac and cheese anyone? 


 I know winter is a time to cocoon, and I am a rock star at cocooning. Seriously. Buy me some silk because man, I can cocoon with the best of them. One of the best ways to cocoon in joy? Creating a space that's beautiful. I have absolutely loved my morning ritual, because every morning, I come down to my gorgeous, light and airy office while it's still dark. I plug some spacey, relaxing spa music into my Bose, and I light up my oil infuser with some lavender and eucalyptus oil. I start my journal ritual with my Best Self Journal -- which I totally love and use to reach all of my goals. I write out my gratitude in there, and plan my day. Then I move on to my prayers and other writing before doing a little yoga. 

Your ritual doesn't have to look like mine, but having a beautiful space, and something lovely to do in it, will chase the winter blues right off to the 4th of July.