Tip: Be A Social Media Peacemaker

By Kerry Connelly

We've all experienced it -- the social media flurry of combative statements, over-generalizations, and heated arguments. Probably, you've already been unfriended by a person or two. Social justice is important to you, but Jesus told us that peacemakers are blessed -- so how do we stand up for what for what we believe, and still be the peacemaker that Jesus calls blessed? 

It can be tricky, but not impossible. 

Redeeming Eve: A Devotional

By Kerry Connelly

Let’s start at the beginning, when God created Adam (humans) in their image, both male and female. Let’s begin with this strange idea of one human that encompasses both male and female, reflecting the complete beauty of God incompletely, who both encompasses and transcends gender. And let’s examine that original sin — the separation of humans from the divine, this chasm of otherness, of being pulled apart. For the result of all sin is separation: humans are separated from God, humans are separated from each other. Our separation recognizes our differences. Our differences cause discord. Our discord causes war, which causes death and destruction.


We wanted to be like God, and we lost God in the process.

The Truth About Eve

By Lizzie Berne DeGear

I love the idea of exploring the divine creative impulse that birthed Eve. What was God imagining? I am going to delve into these few Hebrew words and see where they take me. I want to leave room for them to take you somewhere too. The most wonderful interpretations of our Bible’s creation stories are those that not only honor the inspired imagination of those who wrote Scripture, they also spark the imagination of those who read Scripture. So, instead of stringing together a definitive interpretation (which, I admit, can be very tempting for the biblical scholar in me), I will give you a little background on each Hebrew word so that you can explore with me, and then beyond.