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I love working with passionate women who are sick of their lives. 

I know that's weird. But it's true. 

I know what it's like to feel like your job is sucking your soul out of your left nostril. I know what it's like to feel like you have something really important to do, and you're wasting time. I know because I have been there. And I also know what it's like on the other side. 

And you know what it's NOT like? It's not like sitting by the pool with a drink in your hand while you make millions of dollars in five minutes like a lot of coaches will tell you. It's not all glossy pictures. It's hard work, courage, planning, strategy, and did I mention courage? 

But it's also worth it. So very worth it.

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Here's what my client Jess has to say about working with me: 

Jess journal.jpg

Jess's Journal

"I can't believe what I accomplished in just 6 months! Without you, I never would have had the courage to make these changes. -- Jess

I can't believe how much I've accomplished in just six months! Without you, I never would have had the courage to make these changes. It's incredible to think I can just write goals down, and then make them happen! 


Coaching - 6 Sessions
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What Coaching Is Like...

Each time we meet, we'll work on your goals (and if you don't know what they are yet, we'll figure that out, too!), develop a strategy to make them happen, create action steps, and identify the obstacles that might keep you from being successful. 

You'll get homework each session that will help move you into real action -- this is not just about navel gazing. My coaching is for women who are ready to make a change, make something happen, and get to a different place in their lives. 

And for a limited time, you can purchase 6 45-minute sessions for just $750- for the summer of 2018, only!

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