A Tale of 2 Uber Drivers: On Different Privileges + Killing My Humanity

It was the best of Uber rides, it was the worst of Uber rides.

One driver was kind, relational, human. The other — not so much.

The other morning, I had jury duty. Since we’re down to one car, I hopped into an Uber to grumpily head to the courthouse in Newark, NJ. Due to a blessed string of events that have nothing to do with this particular story, I was immediately excused and turned right around to call another Uber.

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What's a Mystic, Anyway? (In My Humble Opinion)

Even though I was always intrigued by the mystical, I never considered myself a mystic. That seemed a little too…I dunno. Special. Then I realized that being mystical is oh-so Christian.

My first year of seminary destroyed my faith. This is not a bad thing. A destroyed faith is a faith that can be carefully reconstructed, especially if the demolition process is thoughtful and well executed. Such is the case with my seminary experience, though it didn’t feel that way at the time.

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Jesus Made Me Do It: Why I HAVE to Talk About Social Justice

The other day I was a guest on a podcast, and the guy interviewing me asked if the church should care about social justice, and if so, why? Luckily, he’d sent me the questions ahead of time, so I was able to answer quickly: I had 18 pages worth of scripture references that I’d just printed off in my hot little hands, just from doing a quick Google search: “justice + the bible.”

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