Let’s Chat On Demand Coaching



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It’s Like Having a Coach in Your Pocket

Have you ever wished you could have access to a professional, certified coach, but without the hefty price tag? Ever wanted to have access to intuitive guidance, sage advice, and professional coaching on the go? Just need a friendly voice and some encouragement to stick to your goals + stay accountable, someone to challenge you on your tough days and celebrate your wins with you? Look no further! Let’s Chat On Demand Coaching is here, and it’s just like having me — a professional, certified coach — right in your pocket!

Here’s how it works:

Before we start, you’ll download VOXER , an amazing voice messaging app, that will allow us to communicate in real time and leave actual voice messages for each other. You can shoot me a Vox any time, day or night, with questions, concerns, and celebrations. I’ll respond within a few hours, on weekdays between 9am and 5pm EST.

But that’s not all! You’ll also get a daily message of encouragement from me each and every weekday, filled with practical advice, wisdom, tips and tricks for success. This is going to be your secret weapon — right in your pocket — that’s going to help you achieve whatever goal you set your mind to. I can’t wait to be your personal, on demand coach.