Season 1, Episode 8: Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Can a queer, non-binary transgender Latinx public theologian and a yoga-pants-wearing white suburban soccer mom actually get along? In our 8th episode, Kerry and Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza proves it's not only possible, but it leads to fascinating conversation, too! Listen in as they talk about how to fall into relationship with people who are different, and about what a radical inclusiveness and justice-oriented world might actually look like. Other topics covered are theological dominance, the stability of whiteness, and what it means to radically flourish. This is one of Kerry's FAVORITE interviews!

Meanwhile, Kerry and Aisha talk ecological injustice in between our usual antics. 

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Season 1, Episode 7: Dr. David N. Moore

In this episode, Kerry speaks with Reverend Dr. David N. Moore, author of Making America Great Again:Fairy Tale? Horror Story? Dream Come True?  The book, and this conversation, delve into the church's complicity in racist systems, and explore connections with abortion and the NRA -- and how it all connects to Les Miserables. Plus, Aisha and Kerry talk about the Starbucks debacle and more. 

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Season 1: Episode 4: Nadine Smith

In our 4th episode, Kerry speaks with award-winning journalist-turned-activist Nadine Smith about what it really means to be a white ally, confederate statues, and exploring just how close America's racial history really is. Here's a hint: it's as close as living relatives.

Plus, Kerry & Aisha continue their inappropriate banter about multi-tasking with nose rings, working "The Facebook", and more. 

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Season 1, Episode 3: Police Brutality + Racism

In this episode, retired police officer and political candidate Lisa Boeving-Learned talks about the history of racism in policing, how we can help police officers be better, and how to bring humanity back into the dignified work of policing. As a retired officer, Lisa has great compassion for police officers, but she also has insight into how systemic racism infiltrates the profession,

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