Season 1, Episode 3: Police Brutality + Racism

Lisa Boeving Learned.jpg

In this episode, retired police officer and political candidate Lisa Boeving-Learned talks about the history of racism in policing, how we can help police officers be better, and how to bring humanity back into the dignified work of policing. As a retired officer, Lisa has great compassion for police officers, but she also has insight into how systemic racism infiltrates the profession, and how tolerance of the bad apples feeds the racist system -- which endangers lives both black and blue. Lisa supports Black Lives Matter because she recognizes that there is a serious problem. She's also got some serious solutions. This is one of the most important episodes yet. 

Plus, Aisha and I talk about little Anglo Saxons and the land of Caucasia in our typical irreverent way. 


Host: Kerry Connelly

Co-Host: Aisha Irvis


Humble Down – White on White


Written, arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed by: Jeff Gaynor

Vocals: Kim Davidson, Samantha Farrell, and Ophelia Smith

Solo vocal: Ophelia Smith

Percussion and handclaps: Jeff Gaynor