Season 1, Episode 2: Carla Ewert on Race, Hierarchy + White Tears

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In this episode of White on White, Kerry speaks with Carla Ewert about whiteness, hierarchies, and how white people -- white women specifically -- can work to de-center whiteness, so that whiteness is no longer the "normal" against which everything else is measured. Plus, more irreverence from Kerry and Aisha. 

Carla Ewert is the director of She Is Called, a national conversation for women who lead. She is also a co-host of the She Is Called podcast, and the host of Holy Writ podcast. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Host: Kerry Connelly

Co-Host: Aisha Irvis


Humble Down – White on White


Written, arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed by: Jeff Gaynor

Vocals: Kim Davidson, Samantha Farrell, and Ophelia Smith

Solo vocal: Ophelia Smith

Percussion and handclaps: Jeff Gaynor

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