Season 1, Episode 5: Mason Menennga

Mason Mennenga.jpg

In this episode, Kerry talks with Mason Mennenga, a fellow seminary student and the founder of Religionless Church, about an experience they both had with white fragility and how we, as white people, can combat white supremacy and privilege when it's right in front of us. What does that look like? Who's responsible? 

Plus, Aisha and Kerry talk Jersey accents, Bugs Bunny, and the usual irreverence. 


Host: Kerry Connelly

Co-Host: Aisha Irvis


Humble Down – White on White

Written, arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed by: Jeff Gaynor

Vocals: Kim Davidson, Samantha Farrell, and Ophelia Smith

Solo vocal: Ophelia Smith

Percussion and handclaps: Jeff Gaynor