Season 1, Episode 6: Ben Tapper


Ben Tapper

In this episode, Kerry speaks with Ben Tapper, writer, speaker, social activist. Faith, healing and social justice are the topics that most invigorate Ben, and the topics he most often speaks and writes about. He hopes to encourage, inspire and challenge those who read or listen. Ben is a co-founder of The Hear Me Project, an initiative designed to foster communication between strangers. 

Ben has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Manchester University, a master’s degree in public affairs from Indiana University and is currently pursuing a master of divinity from Christian Theological Seminary. He serves as the faith formation coordinator for First Mennonite Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is actively involved in community engagement. Ben lives out his passion for inspiring and empowering people through public speaking, writing and teaching. 


Host: Kerry Connelly

Co-Host: Aisha Irvis


Humble Down – White on White

Written, arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed by: Jeff Gaynor

Vocals: Kim Davidson, Samantha Farrell, and Ophelia Smith

Solo vocal: Ophelia Smith

Percussion and handclaps: Jeff Gaynor