Season 1, Episode 7: Dr. David N. Moore

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In this episode, Kerry speaks with Reverend Dr. David N. Moore, author of Making America Great Again:Fairy Tale? Horror Story? Dream Come True?  The book, and this conversation, delve into the church's complicity in racist systems, and explore connections with abortion and the NRA -- and how it all connects to Les Miserables. Plus, Aisha and Kerry talk about the Starbucks debacle and more. 

David N. Moore, Jr., ThD, is a pastor, educator and ecumenical teacher. He attributes his love for the world to seeing it through his father's camera lens, a career Navy photographer. His mother has always been the extrovert, and the Navy family friendships that grew from this made David feel at home around people of many backgrounds. He selected Communication Studies as an undergraduate major at the University of California, with the aspiration of working in television news, but while a sophomore at UC San Diego, he responded to another calling, that of biblical scholarship and teaching. Upon graduating from UC Santa Barbara, he interned at a local Church of God in Christ, first as a youth minister, and then as an assistant pastor.

At age 27 David was appointed by the late Bishop J. A. Blake to the church in Santa Barbara now known as New Covenant Worship Center. After 10 years with this church, David was invited by the Southern California District of Foursquare Churches to take the leadership of one of their churches, in Oxnard. Not thinking it was God’s plan that he leave the Santa Barbara church, he offered to minister in Oxnard only if he could stay with New Covenant Church. After a time of prayer, the Foursquare leadership made the exceptional move of, with Bishop Charles Blake’s support, assigning the church in Oxnard to David. He continues to serve both churches. He earned his MMin degree from St. Stephen’s University in New Brunswick, Canada, and currently holds an appointment to adjunct faculty there, teaching Ancient Mediterranean History. He earned his Doctorate in Theology from the University of South Africa. David is proud to join two South African presidents as fellow alumni, Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma, and Desmond Tutu, as well. David and Diane have been married for 39 years and have 5 adult children. Twitter: dmooresb email:


Host: Kerry Connelly

Co-Host: Aisha Irvis


Humble Down – White on White

Written, arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed by: Jeff Gaynor

Vocals: Kim Davidson, Samantha Farrell, and Ophelia Smith

Solo vocal: Ophelia Smith

Percussion and handclaps: Jeff Gaynor