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Angel Readings for SAGED Clients
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The Angels Have Something To Say

My email readings are incredibly thorough communications with Spirit that target big themes in your life. The angels will talk with you about what will serve your highest self and divine purpose in life. When you complete your form and submit your question, I will spend time in meditation and prayer for you, and will perform an angel card reading for you. I will then hand write the intuitive messages I receive and send these to you via email. Most messages are at least a few pages long. You are free to ask clarifying questions as well.

I know there are those o f you who desperately want to receive divine messages, and I am determined to make these as accessible as possible to you, by keeping the price very affordable. While I do need to be able to make a living, I also want to serve both you and Holy Spirit.

In most cases, you will receive your reading within 24 hours, most often the morning after you order it. I do take Sundays off on most weekends.

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