Kerry Connelly

Writer. Speaker. Coach. Jesus Freak.


Using faith + privilege to dismantle privileged systems.

One step away from the top of the privilege heap.

As a white, middle-class, straight, cis-gendered Christian woman, I’m one step away from the top of the privilege heap. I live in a strange paradox in which I try to use that privilege — combined with a deep, mystical faith — to deconstruct privileged systems. It is at once infuriatingly impossible and radically, subversively hopeful. In other words, Jesus made me do it. I don’t always do it well. When I’m doing it right, I learn more than I teach. I write, I speak, I coach others to live out their purpose. I do it authentically, imperfectly, and I often make mistakes. But there’s something about it that’s magical.

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Jesus made me do it: Why I HAVE to talk about social justice.

Go ahead and see if you can find a place in the Bible where Jesus says, “Don’t take care of the poor,” or “Don’t feed the hungry,” or “Hey! I really dig your automatic rifle!” Go ahead. I dare you.

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What’s a mystic, anyway? (In my opinion, at least.)

Even though I was always intrigued by the mystical, I never considered myself a mystic. That seemed a little too…I dunno. Special. Then I realized that being mystical is oh-so Christian.

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Why I think you’re a Good White Racist. (See? Don’t you just love me?)

I know you’re tired of hearing it. But I’m not here to make you feel all comfy cozy. I’m here to invite you to enter into the discomfort. I’m here to invite you to experience the fullness of your whiteness, because dude: the time is urgent. People are dying.

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Here’s the thing about the Bible (And wild-ish women.)

The Bible is an infuriating, crazy, confusing, beautiful book that’s been misused to abuse people the world over. But there’s so much more than meets the eye in there — including some seriously bad ass, wildish women who don’t give a damn about patriarchal traditions.

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I will probably make you uncomfortable.

But honestly? That’s kind of the point. Change doesn’t happen when you’re all nice and comfy.

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Hi, I’m kerry.

Let me introduce you to your soul.

As a highly intuitive person of faith, I bring my whole self to your coaching sessions — this includes healing energy work, empathic insight into your situation, as well as the traditional accountability and support you’d expect with a great coach.

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